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The Saltwater Edge

Outstanding knowledge and limitless product line for fly, spin and bait fishing. Owned by Peter Jenkins, committed fisheries conservationist and all-around fishy guy!







Gravity Tackle

Groundbreaking, handmade soft plastics that just plain catch fish? Yes please. We interviewed the owner of Gravity Tackle and let's just say he's a mad scientist - but the good kind. The kind whose madness results in you catching way more (and way bigger) fish. 





Old Maine Outfitters

OMO didn't just introduce the coolest logo ever to the fishing world, but they also give a healthy chunk of their profits to fishing conservation causes for no other reason than they're just damned good folks. So let's re-cap, (see what I did there? Hats? "Re-cap?" Ahem, sorry) awesome logo that will make you way better looking, and a donation to saving fish? Get those fingers working and order one (or two) now!


Knotty Girl Leaders

If you want us to fall in love with your product, do two things: 1) Build it like a brick shi*thouse, and 2) Make it work like it's supposed to. No one can ask more than than that, and Courtney at Knotty Girl has accomplished both of these goals in spades. Local shops here in Maine sell out of her stuff as fast as she can provide it to them. Why? Because she uses top-notch (top-knot? Yeah, sorry for that one too. I'm a dad. Sue me.) components and her knots kick major butt. Beyond that, you can have her custom tie leaders to your specs, so you can get busy with the business of fishing instead of the business of watching YouTube videos of how to tie knots that you might tie correctly. Her stuff gets a big old fishy podcast thumbs up.


Message her directly on IG. @knotty_girl_leaders 




Stripers Forever

Stripers Forever works toward establishing game fish status for the striped bass. This simply means that the it would no longer be legal to commercially fish for striped bass. It does not mean that no one could harvest a striped bass. Membership is free, and the organization works non-stop to save our precious resource. 

Keep 'Em Wet Fishing

Our goal is to minimize the impact of catch & release angling on fisheries by uniting conscientious anglers, organizations and companies to promote science based practices for handling fish that are released. 

American Saltwater Guides Association

a coalition of forward-thinking guides, small business owners and like-minded anglers who understand the value of keeping fish in the water.

Captains For Clean Water

A grassroots nonprofit organization advocating for clean water and healthy estuaries across Florida.


Bonefish Tarpon Trust


Working to conserve and restore bonefish, tarpon and permit fisheries and habitats through research, stewardship, education and advocacy.



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